The decision to talk to a therapist…

The decision to talk to a therapist can be a challenging one. One may doubt if the problem is really “all that serious”.
Some people hesitate because they are afraid to “open a can of worms”. Fear of what may lay buried or hidden can make people feel anxious. But something about your life feels uneasy. You may be sad or fearful, feeling empty inside. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one.

How do you decide whom you can trust? Will the therapist judge me?

These concerns are shared my most people who go to counseling. The hardest part is picking up the phone and making that first appointment. It requires courage. Change requires courage. Change can feel pretty scary.
But some risks are worth taking. Are you and your wellbeing worth taking this risk? If you do nothing about your issues, then nothing will change.

I always tell my clients during the first session that they need to be wise consumers…if they don’t feel a sense of connection and support after 2 or 3 sessions, tell me. I will refer you to another therapist so you can try again. Don’t give up.
Finding the right therapist can be a lot like finding the right partner in life…you may have to talk to a few toads before you meet the “right one”.